Fair Workplace Legislation: Beyond the Minimum Wage Increase

Fair Workplace Legislation: Beyond the Minimum Wage Increase

New workplace laws passed in Alberta and pending in Ontario are bringing about many changes beyond the increase in the minimum wage.

If you are manually managing your schedules and time and attendance tracking, you are likely already incurring costs that you may not be aware of, or able to quantify. And if you are already using a time and labour management solution, it may not be robust enough to ensure that you can easily be compliant, or that you are garnering all the intelligence and savings that you could be.

This webinar featured Ajay Chopra, Principal Value Consultant for Kronos, who discussed the following topics:

  • The compliance and cost implications of the fair practices provisions of the law
  • The ways in which workforce management solutions can help
  • How you can build a business case for workforce solutions, quantifying opportunities for cost savings, productivity improvements, and your ROI
  • And much more

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