Wanted: 1 x polar bear scout

Wanted: 1 x polar bear scout

Wanted: 1 x polar bear scout

As far as job specifications go, it’s not your typical list: must have loud voice and be willing to brave the elements for three weeks.

But that’s what it takes to be a polar bear spotter on the island of Spitsbergen, in the northernmost part of Norway.

The governor's office on the remote northern islands is reportedly manning a recruitment drive for a person willing to keep a hawk-eye watch for polar bears in order to warn researchers doing projects in the region.

According to the job specs, the job starts July 8 and also requires previous experience with the outdoors, good spotting skills and an ability to use firearms.

According to Helge Solli from the governor's office the successful candidate won’t have to use the gun, but should definitely have a loud voice to scare off any bears.

There are an estimated 3,000 polar bears in the region.

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