Star charts: Would you trust corporate astrology?

Star charts: Would you trust corporate astrology?

Star charts: Would you trust corporate astrology?

During her time as CEO of clothing company Rita Hraiz, Judith Levy had multiple advisors in her circle to help her with everything from finance to brand image. However, she also took advice from an astrologist, Christeen Skinner.

"I consulted Christeen about everything from the timing of a product launch to where we should open a new store and her advice was always spot on," Levy told News Ltd.

Levy is now a business mentor and coach herself, and has reflected on the stigma she received when it was revealed she sought guidance from the stars.

"A lot of people thought it was mad and dismissed me as an eccentric, but soon senior management started to take note. When they saw how well she could predict trends and sales dips, they began to change their minds,” she said.

US president Ronald Reagan’s wife Nancy copped flak in the 1980s when it was revealed she consulted an astrologist prior to her husband’s decisions being made regarding matters of state. Critics had a field day given the ongoing Cold War tensions. That cynicism, while still present, seems to be easing. In fact, the uptake of astrology in the corporate world seems to be growing.

"There used to be a stigma attached to astrology, but that's changing," Kathryn Cassidy, English astrologist, said. "I am seeing more intelligent, successful women from the corporate world coming to me when they're at a crossroads, personally or professionally, and feel a bit lost."

What do you think of corporate astrology? Is it dangerous to be putting your trust in an unproven field, or could a bit of cosmic guidance give business leaders a different perspective?