#HireKevin: grad takes to social media to campaign for job

#HireKevin: grad takes to social media to campaign for job

#HireKevin: grad takes to social media to campaign for job

It was a simple start. Philadelphia’s Kevin Matuszak posted the question "Hi, can I work for you?" on Applebee’s Facebook page at the end of November, and he hasn’t quit asking since.

The 25-year-old advertising graduate was first told to check if his local restaurant was hiring, but told them corporate marketing was where his heart belonged.

Now his initial thread has received more than 400 likes and 300 comments with friends, family and strangers adding their thoughts, most of which are positive. Applebee’s is also keeping up with the play, first suggesting he make a video to express his sincerity. Clearly not one to cut corners, Matuszak and his friends made four, and continued their campaign on Twitter using the hashtag #HireKevin.

Applebee's reposted and retweeted Matuszak's official campaign video detailing his desire to be the face of the brand.

Matuszak told the Huffington Post he had heard from Applebee's corporate, but: “Nothing has been discussed in terms of employment though.”

“I'm completely surprised as to how this went viral. People from all over the country and different parts of the world have become supporters of this movement,” Matuszak added. “The way that Applebee's embraced this whole thing has been awesome too. It really shows their personality and willingness to listen to their consumers.”

Is this the future of hiring and job hunting? What would you do if someone went to this length for a job with your company?