Graduate hopes to ‘kick start’ career

Graduate hopes to ‘kick start’ career

Graduate hopes to ‘kick start’ career

A recent communications graduate of Millikin University Illinois, Jannic Nielssen, has launched a resume that mimics the design of crowdfunding website Kickstarter, offering rewards to those who share it across social media platforms.

Launched earlier in the month, the site: “Kick Jannic Into A Digital Career”, is an interactive, social media resume that Nielssen hopes will land him the right opportunity as it is disseminated throughout the digital globe.

Finding this job is a matter of some urgency for Neilessen. As a dual, Jamaican-Norwegian citizen, he will have to leave the US if he doesn’t receive a job offer by May 1, 2013. So far, he has had one interview and received a few other leads, according to Mashable.

Visitors to Nielssen’s site can watch videos and read about his professional experience and, instead of pledging funding, they can choose to back him in a number of non-financial ways. These range from pledging to share his resume to employing him full-time.

While one share won’t reap any rewards, just pledging to share his resume three times will garner you a free consultation on a social media project. Pledging to hire Nielssen, on the other hand, is its own reward. “I can’t wait to be one of the best decisions your company has made,” Nielssen enthuses on the site.

Nielssen already boasts a strong social media presence with 2,100 social media followers and accumulated YouTube views of 6,000,000 – so it seems inevitable that the video will go far.

“Kickstarter serves as a great metaphor for my situation, from the time limits set on projects, to the people that take it upon themselves to help support and launch something.” Nielssen wrote in a press release. “I hope everyone who helps me manages to feel a part of a community that has helped me reach my goals when the May 1st deadline finally arrives.”

However, with only seven days to go, Nielssen must be beginning to feel the pressure.

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