Eating at your desk? At least do it in style

Eating at your desk? At least do it in style

Eating at your desk? At least do it in style

HC has reported on the downsides of eating at your desk, and always encourages people to take some time to get away from the office at lunch-time – but even we’ve been guilty of having a desk lunch or two when the work is piling up.

So, what to do when you’ve got your salad, curry or left-over pasta ready to go? You can always use the utensils in the kitchen, but chances are you’ve forgotten to grab some. You look around in vein, pondering just how much you’ll be judged for dipping your hands in and then you remember…your pens have utensils on them!

Okay, that doesn’t happen much. But regardless, the Dine Ink Pen Utensil Set is a good bit of fun. The blue pens come topped with a fork, a spoon and a knife, so you can start digging in with your office supplies.

The pens can be bought on Amazon, with the product description glowingly describing them as “cool and convenient”.

The utensils act as lids for the pens, and probably should be removed before you start eating, unless you want to sign a document later in pea and ham soup.

Cool idea, or just a bit too silly? One customer hasn’t had the best experience, stating “One pen already exploded on me. It’s a great idea but not a great product.”

The pens can be ordered from here.

*Image credit: Amazon