Boss only has sons? You’re outta luck

Boss only has sons? You’re outta luck

Boss only has sons? You’re outta luck

Hoping for a pay rise? It’s more likely if your boss has daughters, according to new research.

The study from Aalborg University in Denmark found that having a daughter made a man more generous, while aiming to understand some wealthy men are more generous than others.

The scientists believe that as a man brushes their daughter's hair or plays dolls with them, they become kinder and more sympathetic.

The researchers analyzed the amount chief executives paid their employees and found that after a son was born leaders paid about $100 less a year per employee, but when a daughter was born there was no change.

The researchers wrote that it was common for male chief executives to 'claim a firm’s resources for themselves and their growing family, at the expense of their employees'.

Experts found that male chief executives with daughters paid more than their peers who had sons

Scientists hypothesize that daughters, compared to sons, bring out a father’s caretaking tendencies. Other studies have shown that men with daughters vote more liberally, and men with sisters givemore generously to charities.