• Rising Stars 2018
    Rising Stars 2018

    Meet 22 young superstars who are rewriting the future of the HR function

  • Hot List 2018
    Hot List 2018

    In a year marked by relentless change, the HR professionals on HRDC’s annual Hot List thrived, thanks to resilience, innovation and a can-do attitude

  • Rising Stars 2017
    Rising Stars 2017

    The future of the HR profession is in the safe hands of these young professionals, who are busy shaping the future of the industry

  • Hot List 2017
    Hot List 2017

    HRD’s annual Hot List brings together the best of the best in the industry – an impressive group of 30 high achievers in the HR profession

  • Rising Stars 2016
    Rising Stars 2016

    HRD spotlights 31 young professionals who are leading HR into 2017 and beyond

  • Hot List 2015
    Hot List 2015

    ANOTHER YEAR, another round of triumphs, challenges, change and innovation in business. Over the following pages, HR Director has identified more than 40 of the hottest HR professionals in the country.