Whistleblowing workers sue over sacking

Whistleblowing workers sue over sacking

Whistleblowing workers sue over sacking Two former workers of a US mental health agency are suing their ex-employer, alleging they were sacked for blowing the whistle on discrimination, harassment and client mistreatment.

Kristina Lootens and Jerri Bowles have separately filed lawsuits against New Horizons Community Support Services in Jefferson City, Missouri, claiming they were fired in April 2016 after reporting their concerns over treatment of a workmate and a client, the News Tribune reported.

The duo alleged the agency assigned an African-American caseworker to a “racist” client who had physically attacked workers in the past.

A manager allegedly said the plan to pair the two would be “the perfect plan” to get the client to quit their program.

The caseworker was later attacked by the client and hospitalized, according to court documents.

Lootens and Bowles say they reported their manager’s actions, then were fired.

They were asking the court to rule their dismissals were unlawful retaliation.

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