InFocus: Streamline the Hiring Process with ATS

Case Study: The LCBO and Njoyn

HRD takes a look at how Njoyn helped the LCBO with its recruitment process

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Company Profile

Njoyn™ is the recruitment and applicant tracking system that solves the issue of efficiently managing the hiring process. It streamlines and automates a three-step approach. Hiring Management , Resume Management and Process Management. This three-step approach reduces the time to hire, lightens the administrative workload and improves the ability to attract the most talented candidates.

CGI Njoyn is a veteran leader in the Recruitment Management and Applicant Tracking space with over 12 years of experience in innovating and enhancing ATS technology and solutions for leading organizations.

Njoyn is a powerful and completely customizable recruitment and applicant tracking system that is fully hosted and serviced within Canada!