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Workplace health – how expertise ensures success

Workplace health – how expertise ensures success

Workplace health may be the hot topic of 2015 but to ensure long-term success HR must stop treating it like a passing trend and start building meaningful initiatives into the company’s core.

So how do you prove you mean business? One Canadian company says prolonged success is only possible if business experts join forces with trusted healthcare professionals to provide a truly comprehensive workplace wellness program.

Expert input

“Expertise ensures success,” says registered dietician and Novus director Denise Garbinski. “If you want to provide the highest quality and up-to-date services you need to surround yourself with a team that really gets it.”

Novus Health claims their Health Navigation platform does just that – the integrative online hub assesses employee health risks, offers trusted advice and connects members to important resources. The entire platform and its sub-programs have been designed to better connect businesses with quality healthcare delivery.

Health care

“Our health specialists are all nurses and clinicians,” confirms Garbinski. “And we have a medical director who helps design our programs and support casework that we need to do for second opinions.”

Using only data from official science organizations and reputable, authentic sources, employees can rest assured that the information they’re offered is accurate and employers can be confident their workforce is getting the best calibre of help possible.

But health-care expertise alone isn’t enough to ensure a wellness program will last – a successful one, Novus says, must be future-ready.

Business case

“We’re about developing programs for our customers that are long term,” explains Garbinski. “It’s about a one year, three year, five year solution and anything that’s going to have longevity must be able to capture new trends and remain at the forefront, future-ready.”

Novus Health Navigation leverages the latest technology to increase utilization, guarantee security and compliance, stay current and even offer in-depth employer analysis.

Employers can access information on the overall health status of an organization, identify the risks employees have the power to change and can even compare results with other companies and geographic locations.

“It’s all evidence based,” stresses Garbinski, “because at the end of the day, if there’s no evidence there’s no reason to really believe in something.”

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Since 2006, Novus Health has been helping Canadian organizations empower their employees to navigate the complex Canadian health care system. Our team of business, technology, and wellness experts and medical professionals is passionate about helping individuals make informed health decisions.  
As a leader in health navigation and health management solutions, we leverage our technology and expertise to help forward-thinking organizations manage employee health risk, connect with members, satisfy customers, and gain a competitive business edge.
We make it easy for you to offer health and wellness programming to your employees. Our custom health navigation platforms include web, mobile, and contact center touchpoints that integrate engaging health content and tools into your organization’s existing health and wellness assets. Result: a central resource that features toll-free access to our health information specialists.
Plus, you can add our own health risk assessments, which provide expert insight into your organization’s health risk profile and encourage employees to make healthy changes. You can also add our cost-effective telephone concierge health coaching and member assistance programs. These platforms help employees navigate the health care system, manage disease, and achieve behavioural change through our highly trained staff of health professionals.
Health management solutions by Novus Health go beyond traditional employee health engagement—they deliver employee health empowerment that energizes businesses.
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