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Technology: taking the stress out of employee health and wellness

Technology: taking the stress out of employee health and wellness

From recruitment to retirement, HR professionals are increasingly leveraging technology to simplify and streamline processes on every front – so why not health management?

An abundance of health-related products may have flooded the market in recent years but far from making management easier, it seems there’s an excess of information and no real way to navigate it.

Novus Health claims it has the solution – an integrated platform bringing every aspect of employee benefits, health management and overall wellness into one easy-to-use system.

One-stop resource centre

“Companies like Apple and Google have trained the general public to have higher expectations when it comes to usability,’ says product developer Mira Jelic. “Their tech is seamless and the more employers can reproduce that in HR, the more successful they’ll be.”

Jelic is the co-founder and SVP of product development at Novus Health – she told HRM that the company’s online navigation platform integrates all of an employer’s existing health programs within one hub.

The streamlined solution, she says, helps employees take advantage of all the benefits on offer to them and makes it remarkably easy to access information or resources they might need – from detailed information on medical conditions and treatment options to assistance finding physicians and specialists.

“People already have enough hassles in their daily life, HR needs to remove those barriers and empower employees to learn new things, consider changes and make more informed healthcare decisions,” stresses Jelic.

“The Novus Health platform takes care of everything and it’s seamless,” she adds. “There’s one phone number, there’s one website, there’s one text code – and it can all by tied to a company’s intranet too.”

Eschewing technology

“The key thing that employers miss out on when they don’t embrace tech is that they just become less relevant and they don’t get the results they want,” warns Jelic.

“How do you move people further along so they make better decisions and become more engaged without the technology to help you do it?” she asks.

Novus Health’s user-friendly platform offers advice and information that many employees didn’t even know they needed but will ultimately empower them to make more responsible decisions – from lowering cholesterol or losing weight to looking for a care-home or addiction clinic.

To add to that, outsourcing the system means security and user-access are never a worry.

“We’ll know that your members or employees have access and HR will be able to gauge how employees are interacting with the platform,” reveals Jelic.

“Basically, it’s a black box and we take all of the magic to ensure that any existing security requirements or data protection demands are met – making it easy for HR to introduce our solution without any hassle or additional investment and time,” she adds.

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Since 2006, Novus Health has been helping Canadian organizations empower their employees to navigate the complex Canadian health care system. Our team of business, technology, and wellness experts and medical professionals is passionate about helping individuals make informed health decisions.  
As a leader in health navigation and health management solutions, we leverage our technology and expertise to help forward-thinking organizations manage employee health risk, connect with members, satisfy customers, and gain a competitive business edge.
We make it easy for you to offer health and wellness programming to your employees. Our custom health navigation platforms include web, mobile, and contact center touchpoints that integrate engaging health content and tools into your organization’s existing health and wellness assets. Result: a central resource that features toll-free access to our health information specialists.
Plus, you can add our own health risk assessments, which provide expert insight into your organization’s health risk profile and encourage employees to make healthy changes. You can also add our cost-effective telephone concierge health coaching and member assistance programs. These platforms help employees navigate the health care system, manage disease, and achieve behavioural change through our highly trained staff of health professionals.
Health management solutions by Novus Health go beyond traditional employee health engagement—they deliver employee health empowerment that energizes businesses.
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