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“Health Navigation” a novel solution for HR

“Health Navigation” a novel solution for HR

Most HR professionals are well aware that health and wellness issues can eat away at an employee’s productivity, motivation and morale – basically, it’s bad for business – but pinning down exactly what’s wrong and offering a solution is no easy task.
Major health issues
According to the 2015 Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey, 45 per cent of plan members are grappling with one or more chronic diseases – from arthritis to diabetes to depression – and it seems there’s no shortage of self-inflicted ailments either.
Approximately 5.3 million adults are currently classified as obese and 18 per cent of the population admitted to smoking or drinking regularly in a recent Statistics Canada survey.
Worryingly, personal health problems are just the tip of the iceberg – more Canadians than ever (35 per cent) are now juggling the demands of work with informal caregiving of friends or family.
With many employees affected in an entirely unique way, there’s certainly no one-size-fits-all solution for HR managers and as the situation worsens, many wellness programs simply aren’t up to scratch.
Empowering employees, argues one Canadian company, is the answer.
Health Navigation
Novus Health is Canada’s leader in wellness solutions – founded in 2006, the company claims its sole mission is empowering people to understand their health and navigate the complex Canadian health care system.
The company’s customizable online platform has the power to pull together all of an employer’s current healthcare programs, combine them with Health Navigation databases, search tools, and professional support, then make them easily accessible in a user-friendly hub.
Employees and their dependents can access Novus Health’s platform for advice and information on any health issue imaginable – from seeking a physician or specialist to locating care homes or addiction clinics.
The information centre – both online and over the phone – also offers everyday information that employees can turn to at a moment’s notice, like weight loss tips or support for smoking cessation.
Novus Health insists the system puts the employee back in the driving seat – empowering them to make informed decisions about their own health and that of their family.
The business case
With the potential to be fully branded and configured into any company’s intranet, the Novus Health Navigation system is designed to maximize employee utilization and manage future risk.
By providing health risk assessments, at-risk populations with an organization can be identified – employees are able to truly assess their own health and employers are then better equipped to educate the workforce.
The program also offers HR detailed monthly reporting which lets managers truly analyse the overall health and productivity of their workforce.
Not only can managers access information on the overall health status of an organization but they can also identify the modifiable risks employees can potentially address themselves and compare results with other companies and geographic locations.

“Providing employees with the timely, personalized health care support they need on the web, on their smartphone, or over the telephone helps organizations manage their health risk expenses while creating goodwill and loyalty. That supports business growth.” Says Novus Health CEO Robin Ingle.

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Since 2006, Novus Health has been helping Canadian organizations empower their employees to navigate the complex Canadian health care system. Our team of business, technology, and wellness experts and medical professionals is passionate about helping individuals make informed health decisions.  
As a leader in health navigation and health management solutions, we leverage our technology and expertise to help forward-thinking organizations manage employee health risk, connect with members, satisfy customers, and gain a competitive business edge.
We make it easy for you to offer health and wellness programming to your employees. Our custom health navigation platforms include web, mobile, and contact center touchpoints that integrate engaging health content and tools into your organization’s existing health and wellness assets. Result: a central resource that features toll-free access to our health information specialists.
Plus, you can add our own health risk assessments, which provide expert insight into your organization’s health risk profile and encourage employees to make healthy changes. You can also add our cost-effective telephone concierge health coaching and member assistance programs. These platforms help employees navigate the health care system, manage disease, and achieve behavioural change through our highly trained staff of health professionals.
Health management solutions by Novus Health go beyond traditional employee health engagement—they deliver employee health empowerment that energizes businesses.
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