InFocus: A Novel Workplace Mental Health Strategy

A revolutionary mental health pilot program

A revolutionary mental health pilot program

After a slew of studies showed pharmacogenetics to be the solution that could help ease the mental health crisis that is badly affecting so many Canadians, Personalized Prescribing Inc. developed a one-year pilot program that helps organizations determine the return on investment for a long-term pharmacogenetics plan. As well as introducing pharmacogenetics to the workplace, the pilot (named P3) is also expected to also help determine the overall mental health condition of the organization.
“P3 is similar in structure to an EAP and the plan hovers around the $2 per employee per month mark, depending on the size and demographics of the organization,” says Zahra Sakkejha, Director of Marketing at Personalized Prescribing Inc. “Every member of staff is covered under the plan and anyone on a prescribed medication for a mental health issue can get the test at no charge. Dependents are also covered.”
In order to maximize the uptake in the program, Personalized Prescribing Inc. has committed to providing a high level of employee education along with easy access to the test. “Once the program has started, we expect lots of testing to take place,” Sakkejha says. “Employees come directly to us so don’t have to worry about confidentiality or divulging all of their medical details to their employer’s HR department.”
At the end of the pilot project, Personalized Prescribing Inc. conducts a full study on the organization in question. They examine how many employees used the test, how many had a change in prescription, and if there were any changes in disability figures. “We build a report that shows the employer how much money they saved; their personalized ROI,” Sakkejha says. “All of these factors help the employer and their benefits consultant to plan effectively for the future.”

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Personalized Prescribing is the provider of P3 – Personalized Prescription Plan – a unique benefit that uses pharmacogenetic testing to reduce absenteeism, disability, and drug waste.

Almost half of all prescription medications fail. When this happens, patients go through a lengthy trial-and-error period to find the right medication that can lead to absenteeism, disability claims, presenteeism, and drug waste.

P3 uses confidential pharmacogenetic testing to determine the right dose of the right drug the first time, eliminating the trial-and-error-period and resulting in a better health outcome for your employees and their dependents.

P3 does not test for disease risk.