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How to make the most of employee perks

How to make the most of employee perks

HR professionals spend considerable time and money implementing employee perks programs but it’s all a waste of time if nobody even wants them, warns one leading HR professional.

“The demographics have changed for employees,” says Aon’s director of compensation and benefits Nancy Inberg. “The talent you’re trying to attract is really looking for something that’s immediate and hitting them in the pocketbook.”

Rather than the standard array of employee perks that often cater to a small percentage of the workforce, Aon recently implemented the Venngo WorkPerks program, which offers over 1,200 discounts and could be the equivalent to giving every employee a $1,000 pay rise.

“It really does have something for everybody and it’s very deep, the offering,” she told HRM.
The proprietary platform operates both via desktop and on a mobile app – which can be co-branded in line with any company – Inberg says this element helps reinforce the benefits that employees are getting from Aon on a regular basis.

“Quite frankly, when you’re opening the app and using it every day, you see how Aon is contributing to your life,” she told HRM. “I think it really engages you more holistically than something that maybe you access one or two times a year.”

The program, which features exclusive offers from the likes of Apple, Nissan, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger, to name but a few, also makes discounts available to the immediate family of employees.

This extra feature means an even wider audience will be aware of the benefits your company offers, says Parent, and it could have a direct impact on future attraction rates.
“It’s a form of advertising in itself,” says Parent.

Venngo also sends out frequent updates on new perks and keeps regular communication with employees – all of which is cobranded, employer-endorsed and compliant with Canadian anti-spam laws.

“It’s not seen as spam,” assures Venngo representative Joe Parent. “It’s welcome communication and as a result we have very high participation rates in the programs and we have very high engagement rates.”

Inberg agrees – “It really helps make employees aware of the program,” she says. “People get a nice reminder and it encourages them to go to the app.”

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