Workers suspended for rescuing dog from hot car

Workers suspended for rescuing dog from hot car

Workers suspended for rescuing dog from hot car Four employees of a Quebec City hospital have been suspended from work after rescuing a dog from a hot car.

On July 5, two workers, from L'Enfant-Jesus Hospital, spotted the dog in a parked car, which had its window wound down a few centimetres. Two hours later, they checked again, and found the dog semi-conscious on the car’s back seat, CBC reported.

Worried the animal may die, they forced the window down and took the dog into an air-conditioned office in the hospital. There, they gave it water and called the police.

But instead of hailing them as heroes, the hospital suspended the workers and two of their colleagues who helped care for the dog over a four-hour period that day.

Their suspensions ranged from three to eight days.

A spokesman for the hospital told the Canadian Press that the staff had broken rules, which prohibited animals inside the hospital, unless they were service or therapy animals.

Two unions representing the workers were fighting the suspensions, calling them unreasonable.

"The message it sends out to people, mind your own business and if you see someone or something in distress, don't do anything about it,” Ann Gingras of the CSN union told CBC.

It was not clear whether police took any action against the dog’s owner.

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