Will today’s kids retire at 100?

Will today’s kids retire at 100?

Will today’s kids retire at 100?

Dessau also suggested assigning multiple mentors, from all ages and walks-of-life.

When it comes to training older employees, or keeping them motivated, Dessau said HR professionals shouldn’t make the mistake of seeing them as outsiders or underdogs.

“Older workers are like all workers,” he said. “To get the best out of them, you need to identity what they are good at and utilize those skills to make the team more effective.”

Health problems

Of course keeping older employees productive in the workplace isn’t the only worry as the population ages – health care becomes a very real problem too.

Karen Henderson, CEO of the Long Term Health Care Planning Network, says employers should seriously start considering building long-term care into their employee benefit packages – for both workers and their families.

“An organization that offers support in this area will attract employees because workers know that they’re going to bump into this problem,” she told HRM.

“They are going to create wonderful public relations and they are going to be thought of as an organization that really cares for its employees and their families,” she added.
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