Why Gen Z will change the way you lead

Why Gen Z will change the way you lead

Why Gen Z will change the way you lead

Social media

But giving back to the community and actively creating jobs still won’t be enough to win over the best and brightest. According to Turpin, employers will need to make their activity highly visible on social media.

“You have to look at all the platforms and talk about what you’re doing,” advises Turpin. “Actually show them what you’re doing around charity in the community as well as what you’re doing to help job creation.”


As Gen Z were born and raised in an ever-connected era, you’d be forgiven for thinking they’d value technology-driven communication over all else – that’s not the case.

According the study, Gen Z values face-to-face communication (45%) above all other forms, including email (26%), phone (11%), instant messaging (9%), social networking (8%) and video conferencing (2%).

Communication was also highest on the agenda for what makes a good manager – 41 per cent said the most important quality of a leader is the ability to communicate, well ahead of honesty (19%), confidence (12%), commitment (10%) vision (10%) and patience (8%).

“Gen Z will be looking leaders who can communicate exceptionally well,” says Turpin. “They want a two-way dialogue and the level of importance they place on that comes above money.


Employers who start making changes now will be perfectly places to attract the brightest – albeit baby-faced – new recruits as they emerge into the world of work.

“The advice I’d give employers is around preparation,” Turpin told HRM. “Demonstrate to them that you have a very different plan to the one you had for Gen Y.

The full Randstad study on attracting, engaging and retaining Gen Z workers can be found here.

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