Why Freshii is so female-friendly

Why Freshii is so female-friendly

Why Freshii is so female-friendly

Healthy-eating franchise Freshii is known for its progressive approach to HR so it’s no surprise the company is excelling in workplace equality – in fact, the firm’s executive team is more than 50 per cent women. Here, CEO Matthew Corrin explains how – and why – they’re bucking the trend.

“We don’t hire based on gender,” says Corrin. “We hire wicked smart people who align with our culture and mission, have experience in brands that we admire and share our passion for helping citizens of the world live better.”

Corrin, who made the comments in coincidence with International Women’s Day, said he hadn’t intentionally strived to create a team featuring more women than men – rather they were just the best people for the job.

Five of the firm’s key executives happen to be women, including VP of people and culture, Ashley Dalziel who joined Freshii in February last year following a nine-year stint at Lululemon.

“My vision is that every Freshii employee feels that they can achieve their personal, business, financial and philosophical goals in one place, here at Freshii,” she said.

Freshiis other female execs are VP of marketing Melissa Gallagher, head of supply chain Jenny Hoshoian, VP of operations Toni Ronayne and board director Michele Romanow.

“I’m inspired by the women on our team,” said Corrin. “And as a father of two young girls who spend lots of their free time at Freshii HQ, it’s great to know they are surrounded by strong role models.”


Freshii’s VP of people & culture Ashleigh Dalziel will be speaking at the upcoming HR Leaders Summit West – there, she will join a host of other industry figures to discuss innovative compensation strategies used to attract and retain talent.

More information on the event, which will be held in Vancouver – can be found online.

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