What to do when an employee is in denial

What to do when an employee is in denial

What to do when an employee is in denial

Create a learning environment

“Create an environment of continual learning where everyone is expected to upgrade on a regular basis,” advises Reyes. “Make regular personal and professional development part of the culture so it won’t be considered discipline when an employee hears that an area of performance requires improvement,” she adds.

Share specific examples

This can be particularly helpful when it comes to dealing with employees who simply won’t acknowledge their short-comings, says Reyes. Say, for example, the caustic supervisor who shreds everyone’s self-esteem or the perpetually late employee who insists they still do more work than everyone else.

“Document and share specific examples of unacceptable performance or behaviour,” she advises. “The more factual evidence you have the harder it will be for your employee to ignore or rationalize your feedback.”

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