What happened in HR? 2015 recap

What happened in HR? 2015 recap

What happened in HR? 2015 recap  

HR warned to beware “cheater lists” after Ashley Madison hack

28th Following the shocking release of user names and data, an IT security firm warned Canadian HR teams to dust off their suicide prevention manuals and prepare for HR department-focused scams

Former steelworkers win key pension battle

Retired Hamilton steelworkers applauded a court decision that protects the place of pensioners in the queue of creditors for U.S. Steel Canada.


Starbucks Canada faces $1 million employee lawsuit

Allegations that the company failed to uphold its legal duty surfaced after one worker claimed to have been assaulted and threatened by her supervisor.

Sexist LinkedIn comment sparks fierce debate

The professional networking site found itself at the centre of a workplace-sexism storm when one user publicly shamed another.

Nine-to-five days a form of “torture,” claims research

An Oxford University academic called upon employers to alter working hours after conducting extensive research into the issue.

And the winners of the 2015 HR Awards are…

The worth winners of this year’s highly-acclaimed industry gala were announced on the 18th of September.

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What happened in HR? 2015 recap 

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