What happened in HR? 2015 recap

What happened in HR? 2015 recap

What happened in HR? 2015 recap


Snoop Dogg under fire for “creepy” workplace comments

A camerawoman said she felt “belittled” during an interview with the music mogul but said such behaviour has “come to be expected.”

Record damages awarded in Canadian sexual harassment case

In one of the most shocking employment lawsuits of the year, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario handed down double the previous Canadian damages record.

WestJet pilots apply to unionize

On the 22nd, The WestJet Pilot’s Association filed an application for certification despite missing the earlier deadline which would have made forming a union much easier.

Amtrak employees claimed to work 40-hour days

An audit report revealed that employee timesheets were riddled with “potential” overtime abuse.

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