What happened in HR? 2015 recap

What happened in HR? 2015 recap

What happened in HR? 2015 recap


$15 million for workplace apartheid

Seven warehouse workers were awarded an eight-figure settlement after their employer’s shocking racism came to light.

Tips for discriminating against everyone, by Target

A leaked training document revealed just how archaic the retail giant’s approach to managing a multigenerational workforce really is.


Employer at greater risk following CBC scandal

A leading labour lawyer made claims that Jian Ghomeshi’s high-profile harassment case had helped educate employees on their rights, effectively putting HR professionals at increased risk.

Starbucks CEO defends “Race Together” campaign

The controversial initiative was accused of cashing in on racial tensions but boss Howard Sultz said the company’s intentions were “pure.”

X-Factor judges sacked for bullying behaviour

Two panellists from the New Zealand edition one of the world’s most popular TV shows were ousted after their scathing remarks strayed into bullying territory.

“The Price of Shame” – leadership lessons from Monica Lewinsky 

In a widely-praised TED talk, the former White House intern proves one big slip-up doesn’t necessarily spell disaster.

Germanwings crash – employee burnout to blame?

26th The Germanwings co-pilot suspected of deliberately crashing a plane with 150 people on board had confessed to “burnout” earlier in his employment.

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