What happened in HR? 2015 recap

What happened in HR? 2015 recap

What happened in HR? 2015 recap HR is a constantly changing industry and over the past year we’ve seen a number of major stories break, develop and eventually disappear. So what big hitters have you forgotten about?

Here, HRM takes a look back at the prominent articles that grabbed HR professionals’ attention in the first three months of 2015.


Who earns more, lesbian women or gay men?

At the start of the year, a controversial study by World Bank revealed the extent to which sexual orientation impacts remuneration – with surprising results.

Pull the other one – 24-year sickie sees public servant sacked

The Indian government was left red faced at the start of 2015 as a story surfaced that electrical engineer AK Verma had only just been sacked despite being off sick since 1990.

She loves me not: Ashley Madison’s bitter bust-up resolved

In what would turn out to be the first scandal of the year for the Canadian-based dating site, one worker sought a staggering $20 million from the company after she claimed excessive typing effectively disabled her.

HR whistleblower – missing in China

HR manager Jia Lining was reported missing following reports he’d made corruption claims against high-level execs.

Tim Horton’s lay-offs labelled “tremendous opportunity”

Just six weeks after Burger King completed its widely-publicized $12.5 billion takeover, Canada’s favourite coffee announced major job losses in a less than sensitive way.


“Blonde, big boobs and blue eyes” 

The shocking prerequisites that one worker claims her boss wanted in all new recruits.

Caught on cam. Not-so-secret office sex

Video footage of two New Zealand workers went viral after onlookers spotted them engaging in a very public, very passionate, office tryst.

HR consultant to be charged with triple homicide

After a shocking attack on a 101-year-old veteran, Ottawa HR consultant Ian Bush was charged in connection with a previously unsolved triple homicide from 2007.


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