WestJet pilots apply to unionize

WestJet pilots apply to unionize

WestJet pilots apply to unionize Despite missing the deadline which would have made forming a union easier, it seems the WestJet Professional Pilot’s Association (WPPA) is still pushing ahead with plans to form a collective bargaining body.

Earlier today, the group confirmed via its website that it had filed an official application for certification with the Canadian Industrial Relations Board (CIRB).

“Today an application for certification of the WestJet Professional PIlot's Association (WPPA) as the sole bargaining agent for WestJet Pilots was filed with the Canadian Industrial Relations Board,” reads the post.

One of the requirements to make the application is a demonstration of over 40 per cent support for WPPA via membership card count – the association insists this threshold has been comfortably exceeded.

“Once the application is approved, the Board will conduct and oversee a secure, secret ballot vote of all eligible WestJet Pilots to determine support for creating our very own in-house, independent and legally recognized Pilot Association,” continues the online post.

This will be the first time in WestJet’s almost 20-year history that its pilots will have an independent third party run a completely confidential vote.

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  • Silvia Mangue 2015-06-24 9:35:24 AM
    I wonder what the CEO thinks of this? I also wonder what made the pilots at WestJet to want to unionized. I thought WestJet was a great employer.
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