UPDATE: Sears employee fired for racist comment

UPDATE: Sears employee fired for racist comment

UPDATE: Sears employee fired for racist comment

A Winnipeg Sears store has fired an employee after a video of a racist comment to a customer was uploaded to Facebook.

Yesterday HRM reported the man had been suspended after asking a customer "You just came off the boat?" Today a Sears spokesman confirmed the employee was fired.

According to Facebook comments from the person who uploaded the video, the incident started when  the employee asked the customer remove his child from a display model lawn mower.

The video also shows the customer swearing at the employee and demanding he be fired.

Vincent Power, a Toronto-based spokesman for Sears Canada, said the worker was immediately suspended and a decision was later made to fire him and issue an apology.

Darlyne Bautista, coordinator of Canada’s first Filipino heritage courses at the University of Winnipeg, told The Star both the employee and the customer are culpable based on the words spoken by both at the beginning of the video.

Watch the video here.

  • Joanne 2014-03-04 4:32:23 PM
    Reviewing the video I would have agreed on a suspension and further training. I would not have terminated the employee and agree with Darlyne Bautista that both the employee and customer were at fault.
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  • Frederick 2014-03-05 12:48:46 PM
    I would terminate any employee that would treat our customers like that. Good manners and respect for the customer are elemental skills required for any customer service employee.
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  • Sue 2014-03-06 2:44:34 PM
    So are you going to ban the customer from the store too?? Firing is far too drastic a step by putting the onus on one party when clearly there were two inidviduals engaged in the situation, the customers behaviour was beyond reprehensible and threating "where are you going to be after work Santa Claus" that the firing is way out of line, sure suspension, there is a financial cost to the employee when they diminish the stores reputation and training but firing not a good move by an upstanding pillar of the Canadian retailers in Canada.

    I am suggesting that Sears apologize to the customer but also ban the customer from the store with that incredible aggressive behaviour, even his partner suggested he was going over the top, very scary when other customers could just as easily had that aggressive behavour turned on them.

    Sorry Sears didn't think this through a little better.
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