Unconscious bias training “a bit of a fad”

Unconscious bias training “a bit of a fad”

Unconscious bias training “a bit of a fad”

“I think that we’re placing a great level of responsibility on these managers to implement these initiatives and to have great results without necessarily resourcing them the way that they should be,” she said.

Moreover, HR professionals need to be managing the process of change at all levels, she said.

“It’s one thing implementing training and development strategy, but it’s another thing though seeing the fruits of those labours,” said Groutsis.

“It’s important to understand whether or not these strategies and initiatives are having decent and solid outcomes.”

Indeed, the survey found that only 41 per cent of respondents indicated that they monitor how these strategies are doing and what their benefits are.

Groutsis agreed that employees should be trained on diversity initiatives right from onboarding and then regularly throughout employment thereafter.  

She also told HRM that it is really important to start at a tertiary level the understanding of diverse groups.

“So cultural competence being embedded throughout all institutional training whether you’re a scientist, a social scientist, a mathematician, etc,” she said.

“We need to understand how we navigate our way through a workplace by interacting with diverse groups and I think that that needs to be embedded at the tertiary level to make people understand in a conscious way what they’re doing and in an unconscious way what they’re doing.”

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