Tips for avoiding the 'bitchy boss' label

Tips for avoiding the 'bitchy boss' label

Tips for avoiding the Have you ever been accused of being a “bitchy boss” for doing your job well?

According to Lawrence Polsky, managing partner at consulting firm PeopleNRG, high-achieving women who take charge and push people to create results often end up being denigrated rather than lauded for their efforts.
“Ninety per cent of my executive coaching clients over the past 20 years have been women,” Polsky wrote in a blog post.

“What I have found over the years is that the reason they are called bitchy or some version of that, by their team or colleagues, comes down to one thing: the perception of being ‘too’ assertive. Yes, being called bitchy can also be a way for employees to undermine a women leader they don’t like or are jealous of.”

However, Polsky said complaints about a boss’ behaviour could also be genuine concerns.

He surveyed professionals on their perceptions of bitchy bosses and found that 89% said it reduced team productivity, while 87% said they or someone on their team had left their job because of it.

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