Tim Hortons responds to franchisees’ ‘reckless’ benefits cuts

Tim Hortons responds to franchisees’ ‘reckless’ benefits cuts

Tim Hortons responds to franchisees’ ‘reckless’ benefits cuts Tim Hortons franchisees which announced they would be cutting staff perks and paid breaks have faced criticism from a surprising source – their very own head office.

The HQ released a statement which seemingly attacked the “actions of a reckless few” which “jeopardized” the brand’s relationships with owners and team members - The Canadian Press reports. 

The statement read: “Let us be perfectly clear. These recent actions by a few Restaurant Owners, and the unauthorized statements made to the media by a ‘rogue group’ claiming to speak on behalf of Tim Hortons, do not reflect the values of our brand, the views of our company or the views of the overwhelming majority of our dedicated and hardworking restaurant owners.”

The statement went on to label the actions of the ‘rogue’ groups “completely unacceptable”, adding that team members were at the very heart of their restaurants.

“It’s important that we recognize that by providing them with a fair and rewarding work experience – and because it’s the right thing to do,” it read.

“On behalf of the Tim Hortons brand, our restaurant owners and thousands of dedicated team members, we look forward to continuing to work hard every day to provide our guests with our great coffee and that unique guest experience that we all know and love.”
  • Henry Hornstein, PhD 2018-01-08 2:03:07 PM
    The position of Jeri Horton-Joyce and Ron Joyce Jr, Tim Hortons’ heirs, is completely unjustifiable and illegitimate. They are themselves in a financial position to continue to provide their employees with the benefits that they have always gotten, and their refusal to do so is symptomatic of their greed and lack of concern for employee wellbeing. They clearly fail to understand the connection between loyalty and fairness.

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  • Faramir 2018-01-10 1:30:34 PM
    Wynn has lost it. She is the bully using the high hand of government to destroy Ontario's economy.
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