The future of HR: What you need to know

The future of HR: What you need to know

The future of HR: What you need to know


The ability to respond easily and quickly to different cultural contexts will be a key future HR capability. Findler and Gorbis illustrated that research has shown that different working and thinking styles are truly powerful if harnessed appropriately.

In any conversation with an experienced HRD who has ‘real’ responsibility for large numbers of contributors in different markets, they will say that their key contribution and passport to success is translating and adapting the business drivers across different cultural settings.


Big data and the capability to use analytics (through user-friendly software packages or not) to hone decision-making will be a key capability in the future for HR professionals. This capability is what Findler and Gorbis described as Computational Thinking.

The importance of Adaptability has also been identified as critical. It’s all about not coming to the game with a prescribed play book and being able to deal with each situation on its merits.


As HR Business Partners are expected to build organisational capability through consulting to the business, the capability to confidently communicate in the languages of other disciplines will be a key. 

As described by Howard Rheingold in his T-model, it is about having depth in the one discipline (being HR), combined with the ability to communicate across a broad range of other disciplines. He described that there is a requirement to achieve this by being curious and having a willingness to continue to learn. 


As everyone knows in HR, the pace of change and the pressure to perform are constant. There is a clear focus on HR Operating Models being redesigned to ensure the best HR services are being delivered for the lowest cost available. Some of the capabilities described by Findler and Gorbis could become key success factors for HR professionals and their careers in these new operating models. 

Understanding the direction of future trends and staying relevant is really the only option for HR professionals who intend to build a career on being able to build both organisational and leader capabilities.



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