The big HR issue everyone’s ignoring

The big HR issue everyone’s ignoring

The big HR issue everyone’s ignoring

“They’re going to be absent from work, they’re going to ask for leaves of absence, they’re going to quit and we all know that it costs more to hire and retrain then it does to keep a current employee,” she added.

Employer action

HR might not be able to do much about the aging population but organizations can bolster support for those who are affected.

“Organizations should be offering long-term care insurance as part of an employee benefit package,” urges Henderson. “Only the federal government and one union in this country currently offer it – no other organizations.”

Even employers that can’t afford to bulk up benefits still have an array of affordable options at their fingertips, says Henderson, including:
  • Lunch and learn educational sessions
  • Create libraries where employees can access on and offline materials
  • Create a hotline to homecare companies to hire emergency care
  • Create flex time policies
  • Allow people to work from home
  • Create space to allow older people to come in – elder space
“There are so many things employers can do but the most important thing they can do is open up communications with employees through newsletters, through emails, through meetings to say ‘we know it’s happening - come to us and tell us what your problems are – do not hide your problems – talk to us, ask for help and we will do whatever we can to help you.’”

Right now, that communication is too often not happening,” she adds.
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