The big HR issue everyone’s ignoring

The big HR issue everyone’s ignoring

The big HR issue everyone’s ignoring In recent years, we’ve been bombarded with facts and figures on ‘the aging population’ but has HR really done anything to address it? One industry professional says employers are underestimating the danger of what’s right in front of them – and they’re going to start feeling the effects very soon.

Ignoring the obvious

“The demographics are slapping people in the face,” says Karen Henderson, founder of the Long Term Care Planning Network.  “We can no longer ignore the fact that, in Canada, we now have more people over 65 than under 14.”

The struggling and already-stretched health care system will only be able to offer minimal help, warns Henderson, and many Canadians will be forced to look after their aging parents and relatives if real plans aren’t put into place.

Knock-on effect

“Anyone who is a family caregiver is under huge stress and when you’re at work and you have an ill parent or someone in a care facility or hospital, your mind is not at work – your mind is on them,” Henderson told HRM.

“You’re using the phone, you’re researching, you’re trying to find answers, your stress levels are huge and you’re not productive as a result,” she stresses. “Employers who do not recognize this issue will see their employees between 50 and 65 losing tremendous productivity as well as their own health. (Continued...)

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