TFWP changes on the cards - again?

TFWP changes on the cards - again?

TFWP changes on the cards - again? Employers who rely on the Temporary Foreign Worker Program may want to brace themselves for yet more changes as employment minister MaryAnn Mihychuk says she’ll be pushing for parliamentary review.

The Conservative government overhauled the popular program in 2014 but Mihychuk says she’s received feedback indicating the changes missed the mark.

"I plan to ask a House of Commons committee to study the program, to provide advice and suggestions for reform and improvement," she said in a written statement.

"The previous government's plan failed workers, businesses and Canadians, and undermined confidence in the program,” she added.

Reforms passed by the former government limit the amount of foreign workers a company can employer – to the total of 10 per cent of the organization’s work force in low-paying jobs.

Employers are also prohibited from hiring foreign workers in regions of high unemployment and in most communities with an unemployment rate above six per cent, companies cannot qualify for the program at all.

"I have heard from businesses, from worker advocates, members of Parliament and others across Canada that the Temporary Foreign Worker system needs to change," said Mihychuk.
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