Talent management not top priority for all

Talent management not top priority for all

Talent management not top priority for all

Only half of large corporations regard talent management as a top priority, according to a survey by Right Management, the talent and career management arm within Manpower Group.

The survey found that 13% of organisations believed talent management was a secondary priority, with 38% not finding it a priority at all.

Respondents were asked to cite the core elements of their organisation’s talent management strategy, if applicable. The following ranking was the result:

•        Leadership development

•        Talent acquisition

•        Employee engagement

•        Individual and team development

•        Organisation effectiveness

•        Outplacement and workforce transition

“Leadership development seems to be central to everyone’s idea of a talent management strategy,” said Owen Sullivan, Right Management CEO and President of Manpower Group Specialty Brands. “Clearly this is the key pressure point for most organisations. Most seem to agree about the goals… to retain high-value talent, to insure future leadership, and to plan and manage succession.”

He added that leaders and HR professionals needed to rethink work models, people practices, and sources for the right talent due to the unprecedented political, social, economic, and workplace changes now underway.

“Investing in building a talent strategy is the most strategic way to create competitive advantage,” he concluded.