Seven things HR should do before a new hire’s first day

Seven things HR should do before a new hire’s first day

Seven things HR should do before a new hire’s first day Helping your new hires settle in is essential for long-term success – but it doesn’t all have to happen on their first day. Here are seven things HR managers should consider doing before the new recruit even arrives.
  • Welcome packet
Start as you mean to go on – sending your new recruit a friendly welcome packet before they arrive will give them the best first impression.
“Include the latest articles about the company, a fun personal note, and maybe even a card signed by everyone on their team,” suggests HR expert Sabrina Son.
  • Paperwork
Send your new employee anything that they will need to sign – not only does it save time on their first day but it demonstrates transparency by giving them a chance to properly review everything.
  • Culture video
If your company has the resources, Son suggests making a “culture video” to send to all new recruits.

“Get testimonial from current employees, showcase fun activities, and the everyday activities of the workplace,” she says. “This is a fun way to introduce the culture to your employee and get them amped up to start their first day.”
  • Employee info
Send your new hire a guide to who they’ll be working with and who they’ll be reporting to – this will help them know exactly how they’ll fit into the team and will give them a head start learning everyone’s names.
  • Learning plan
“Create a 30, 60, 90-day plan. Lay out the tools, skills, and tasks that your new hire will need to learn,” says Son.

Your new employee will know exactly what’s expected of them and will they’ll immediately be able to envision a future with the company.
  • Assign a mentor
In order to implement the 90-day plan, your employee will need a mentor. Set this up before they arrive and make sure your new recruit knows exactly who it is. They’ll enter your organization knowing exactly who to talk to in times of need.
  • Fun questionnaire
Current employees are often landed with the task of making a new worker feel welcome so make it easier for them by asking your new hire to fill out a quick, fun, questionnaire.

Find out their hobbies and any interesting information then share it with the team so they’ll have some talking points.

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  • Susan McDonald 2015-03-25 12:16:51 PM
    As an HR professional we are too busy with our HR responsibilities to deal with this useless on boarding. Our role as HR professionals is to ensure that the interests of management in terms of legal obligations are met.

    We are not here to hold hands of the employees who can't hit the ground running.
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  • Anna Pontikis Mcleod 2015-04-07 10:59:51 PM
    I don't think onboarding is useless. Keeping up with a workforce that includes everyone from boomers to millennials proves that onboarding helps retention, fosters mentorship/mentee relationships and serves to uphold the culture of the employer. If Susan is too busy, maybe she needs to review her job description as an HR professional. It sure frees up my time with calls, emails and complaints. An employee who is well versed in the company at start up WILL hit the ground running.
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  • Steve Jordan 2015-04-09 1:36:29 PM
    Susan, you're clearly being sarcastic, right?

    please tell me you're being sarcastic
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