Retailer under fire for ‘duties’ in job ad

Retailer under fire for ‘duties’ in job ad

Retailer under fire for ‘duties’ in job ad Australian fashion retailer Lorna Jane received backlash from social media users earlier this week after posting an advertisement on Seek, Australia’s leading jobs website.

The post opened somewhat generically, detailing the company’s values and introducing prospective candidates to the brand.

However, there was one aspect of the self-proclaimed ‘DREAM JOB’ that didn’t sit well with jobseekers: the highly-specific body measurements.

Soon after posting the ad, Lorna Jane removed it from Seek – but the company claims that this has more to do with not wanting to disappoint too many respondents than the social media backlash.

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  • Andrew 2015-07-09 3:22:09 PM
    It seems the problem arose because the company wanted the employee to do two jobs, i.e. Fit Model and Receptionist. While size requirements might be justifiable as BFOR for Fit Models who have to wear a standard-size sample for clothing, there is no way that size requirements can be justified for a Receptionist. The company should separate the two jobs and re-post accordingly.
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