Report: Mobility in business transforming HR

Report: Mobility in business transforming HR

Report: Mobility in business transforming HR

Corporate HR is increasingly turning to mobile technology to better connect the rank and file with management, according to a new report, suggesting efficiency gains and greater employee satisfaction are the results.

“There are several examples of companies that have thought about mobility strategically, and they realized the great business benefits from them," says Chandra Sekar, senior director of Citrix and XenMobile. "Mobility can help businesses be more responsive, and offer better and timelier customer service.”

In a crowded business market, corporations are doing everything within their power to remain competitive. There are many strategies being used by some of North America’s top companies to ensure their survival, but one in particular has had a profound effect upon its introduction.

According to Citrix’s recently-released Mobility in Business Report, an increasing amount of businesses are adopting mobile strategies in order to win that competitive edge.

Additionally, as workplaces continue their evolution in the digital age, it becomes more important for management to maintain several avenues of communication with employees who are either working from home or at satellite locations.

“If you look at how the workplace has evolved, the consumerization of IT has resulted in a lot of mobile devices that have become invaluable at work,” Sekar says. “People see these devices as helping them bridge the issue of being able to work from anywhere, and having access to work information from any device.”

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