Will Trump’s ‘travel ban’ affect our talent pools?

Will Trump’s ‘travel ban’ affect our talent pools?

Will Trump’s ‘travel ban’ affect our talent pools? US President Donald Trump’s controversial executive order, which halts refugee admissions and bars people from seven Muslim countries from entering America, could have an effect on Canadian employment.  

Speaking to Craig Sofley, Carillion HR Director for Canada and USA, he explained how the ban could have a nationwide impact on recruitment, diversity and retention.

“Canada has, for a long time, had a requirement to compliment internal home-grown talent with going to the ‘Global Talent Well’, due to shortages in our skilled occupational requirements. Our need has provided Canada with a highly skilled and diverse workforce enabling the country to take a seat as a global player, across multiple markets and industries where organisations have benefited from that expertise which has opened opportunity and investment.”

The changing face of employment in Canada is something that HR leaders should be looking to embrace. A recent report from Statistics Canada highlighted the fact that there are now more seniors working full-time than ever before. It’s not just the influx of new talent we need to prepare for, it’s the maintenance of our existing talent that refuses to retiree.

“Canada has always had to compete with the US in providing a more holistic offering to entice talent to our highly skilled jobs in energy, mining and retail and commercial industry,” continued Sofley. “Our lifestyle, wellbeing healthcare and culture are huge attractions.

“This is my personal view, as someone who has come to Canada to work. I can definitely say that the learning goes both ways, not only have I appreciated the complexities of the provincial and territorial requirements and had lots of time made available to me by my co-workers and peers, I have also been able to bring techniques, skills and a different opinion and approach which has collaboratively grown our HR profile.”

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