Google to launch recruitment platform

Google to launch recruitment platform

Google to launch recruitment platform Tech giant Google is dipping its toe into the recruitment market with a newly designed jobs platform set to be launched in the coming weeks.

CEO Sundar Pichai introduced the “Google for Jobs” concept at the company’s annual I/O conference earlier this week and said he was excited to launch the new product.

“I’m personally enthusiastic for this initiative because it addresses an important need and perhaps our core competencies as a company,” Pichai said at the Silicon Valley event.

Google for Jobs has been designed to recognize when a job search query is entered into Google Search and return a set of open jobs that match the query.

The technology will allow job seekers to quickly search vacancies that have been posted on multiple sites, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Glassdoor.

The company is also leveraging its advanced machine learning capabilities to bring together jobs that fit the query, even if employers have described them using different terminology.

Users will also be able to edit the returned job listings by title, experience required, wage, when the job was posted, where it’s located, commute distance, working hours and more.

Pichai also revealed that Google has been piloting the concept with FedEx and Johnson & Johnson and said the companies have since seen an 18 per cent increase in the number of applicants

The platform will be rolled out in the United States first with expansion to other countries planned for the near future.