Quit Your Job app helps unhappy employees

Quit Your Job app helps unhappy employees

Quit Your Job app helps unhappy employees Could you soon see an increase in resignation-by-text? A new iPhone app enables employees by helping them write the perfect resignation message to avoid the conflict of actually talking to HR.

The Quit Your Job app, from New York employment company TheLadders, is meant to be funny, but its creators say they also hope people will use it.
"Despite all the advances in technology we still quit our jobs the same way we did hundreds of year ago," TheLadders CEO Alex Douzet said. "There's a lot of anxiety around the resignation process, so we used technology to ease the pain in that moment and make it seamless to breakup with your boss.”

The first part of a new year is one of the busiest times for job searches, Douzet said.

"It always correlates with New Year's resolutions. People think ‘I'm not happy and want to make a move'" he said.

Quit Your Job was inspired by another app called BreakupText. Its designers teamed up with the TheLadders to create the new app.

With Quit Your Job, after sending their resignation users can browse open positions on another app called, Job Search by TheLadders, which targets positions based on the user's job profile and career goals. The free app was launched as an iPhone app in July and released on Android last week.

"This is unchartered territory," he said of the Quit Your Job app. "It's an experiment to see if people will actually use it seriously. If thousands of people download the app and only one ends up using it seriously, that's interesting because it's changing behaviors," he said.