Quebec's minimum wage to increase to $12

Quebec's minimum wage to increase to $12

Quebec Quebec’s minimum wage employees will be cashing in a larger paycheque come spring, as the minimum wage rises by 75 cents, bringing it to $12 an hour.

The Quebec government announced this morning that the changes will come into effect on May 1 – CBC reports – and will affect 352,000 workers.

Labour Minister Dominique Vien said: “The good economic performance of Quebec allows us to raise minimum wage in a substantial way.”

Any workers who make the minimum wage with tips will also see a 35 cent pay rise, meaning they’ll earn $9.80 an hour.

"This increase will improve the quality of life for low-income workers as well as promote incentive to work, raise the total amount of disposable income and contribute to lower the incidence of poverty," said Vien.

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