Protests to be held over TFW program

Protests to be held over TFW program

Protests to be held over TFW program Protests calling for an overhaul of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program are set to take place across Canada this week as campaigners push for increased rights for overseas nationals.

The federal government began a review of the program earlier this month and advocates are hoping the week of action will encourage officials to amend policies which leave temporary foreign workers relatively powerless.

"They're not allowed to change jobs, they have restricted access to rights and services, and that puts them in a very vulnerable situation where they can be exploited," said Josie Baker, a spokesperson for the PEI Action Team for Migrant Workers' Rights.

The group organized a rally in front of Province House yesterday where an estimated 20 demonstrators gathered to show their support.

“It's the rules of the program that need to change to make sure people can enforce their own rights,” added Baker.

According to the Council of Canadians, the PEI chapter was calling for “immediate permanent resident immigration status for seasonal agricultural workers, caregivers and temporary foreign workers.”

The PEI Action Team includes members of the public as well as representatives of the PEI Food Security Network, the Council of Canadians and the Cooper Institute.

According to CBC News, similar events are scheduled in Canadian cities this week by groups calling for "a reversal of Harper-era policies; an end to employer-tied work permits, and granting of status on arrival in Canada."

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    I hope they abolish the TFW. Maybe RBC can hire back their IT department. Maybe I can get my job back.
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