Poll results revealed: biggest workplace worry

Poll results revealed: biggest workplace worry

Poll results revealed: biggest workplace worry The festive season is always a source of stress for many HR professionals but now the holidays are over you can finally say goodbye to the whole gamut of Christmas-related concerns.  

Find out what your peers were most worried about this year…

1.Increased employee absenteeism

With 31 per cent of the votes, increased employee absenteeism was the top worry for HR professionals across Canada.

2.Fairly managing vacation requests

Coming it a close second, 29 per cent of HR managers were most worried about fairly managing vacation requests.

3.Issues related to alcohol

Employees who over-indulge over the festive period can cause an array of unwelcome challenges for HR managers. Whether they’re driving home drunk or arriving still intoxicated from the previous night’s revelries – 17 per cent of respondents said issues relating to alcohol were the main concern.

4.Fallout from the Christmas party

The festive season might be over but you could still be dealing with the after-effects of Christmas party scandal. Nine per cent of respondents said they were most worried about fallout from the work do.

5.Calculating Christmas bonuses

Who deserves what – if anything? Eight percent of responders were worried about calculating appropriate Christmas bonuses.

6.Inappropriate Secret Santa gifts

More and more workplaces are doing away with the somewhat dates concept of Secret Santa but those who haven’t have to worry about inappropriate gifts creeping into the Christmas exchange. Six percent of managers said this was their main worry.

How did you handle this year’s hive-inducing issues? Was it a walk in the park or were you a little snowed under?

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