Ontario worker sacked over Confederate flag

Ontario worker sacked over Confederate flag

Ontario worker sacked over Confederate flag An Ontario construction worker has been sacked after flying a Confederate flag on his truck outside his work.

Keith Lipiec, a temporary employee of Hamilton leasing and property development company Yoke Group, posed for photos with the flag at a job site on Monday, and argued with a member of the public who challenged him over it, CBC reported.
Lipiec told CBC he was flying the flag for a laugh – but his employer didn’t see the funny side, terminating his employment on Monday night.

"I have absolutely zero tolerance for this behaviour. He will no longer be working for Yoke Group," Yoke Group owner and CEO Anthony Quattrociocchi said.

On Facebook, Yoke Group wrote: “We believe strongly in diversity, inclusiveness and acceptance. There is zero tolerance for racism and discrimination in our business and on our sites.”

It called Lipiec a “rogue temporary employee” and said it was “deeply offended” by his actions.

“We do not condone or support this individuals actions (sic). We encourage freedom of speech but not when it evokes any form of hatred or discrimination.”

The flag is widely viewed as a racist symbol of white supremacy, and was carried by a number of neo-Nazis at a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, 10 days ago that left a counter-protester dead.

A number of US cities and towns are speeding up their removal of Confederate statues after the violent incident.

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