Ohio job ad seeks abstinent marijuana expert

Ohio job ad seeks abstinent marijuana expert

Ohio job ad seeks abstinent marijuana expert An Ohio job ad is making waves on social media for its somewhat conflicting requirements after it called for an experienced cannabis expert who will remain drug-free.

The Ohio Department of Commerce is searching for someone with “specialized industry knowledge” who can help write guidelines for medical marijuana cultivators as the state implements a new medical marijuana law.

The new legislation, which will be phased over the course of two years starting from Sept. 8, 2016, allows people to use the drug in vapour form for certain chronic health conditions but prevents patients from smoking marijuana or growing it at home.

According to the job posting, the ideal recruit would have more than three years’ experience in the medical marijuana industry and have expert knowledge in the cultivation process.

However, the chosen contractor would have to comply with Ohio’s drug-free workplace policy which doesn’t allow for medical marijuana use. Under the new law, employers are still free to enforce drug-testing policies and maintain drug-free workplaces.

The job was posted last week and the state is accepting applications through Wednesday.

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