Man tasered at work 20 times as joke

Man tasered at work 20 times as joke

Man tasered at work 20 times as joke

What some workers thought was a harmless prank has left a man unemployed, on edge and unable to sleep.

Workers at Fred Fincher Motors in Houston, Texas, tasered former colleague Bradley Jones more than 20 times, filming the “pranks” at least twice.

“It hurt incredibly and it was humiliating to have it done in front of your co-workers and customers,” Jones said. “It was unacceptable. It was hurtful. It was wrong.”

Jones, 45, worked at Fred Fincher Motors for more than four years, with the taser attacks happening over the last nine months. He was saving to buy a home, so could not quit. When he complained about the attacks, he was fired.

Jones is now suing dealer Sam Harless, who he claims recorded the attacks and uploaded the videos to YouTube, as well as Harless’ wife and two other employees.

“I was constantly looking behind my shoulder, distracted, couldn’t sleep,” Jones, 45, said in an interview. “I would even look behind my shower curtain at home.”

Harless has released a statement dismissing the lawsuit as “frivolous.”

Jones was seeing a therapist as he looked for another job. While the current case is civil, his attorney said criminal charges could follow.


  • Opinyun8ed 2013-08-15 9:15:03 AM
    Amazing what some business owners will condone as acceptable behavior. Seriously, if I disliked an employee enough to taser him, I think I'd find a way to fire him instead.
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  • Chris 2013-08-15 10:22:48 AM
    This is not only workplace abuse but assault with a weapon (potentially deadly for some individuals)! Criminal charges are appropriate here!
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  • MB 2013-08-15 9:11:27 PM
    If this horror show happened in a civilized, large and modern business that would of course have an HR department, investigation and action would have been swift. Clearly this is not a business of that calibre but a bunch of ignorant people mascerading as management without any clue of fundamental hr and management best practices or dignity, wellness, and respect. I am an executive HR leader and if my union counterparts read this they would say this is a classic reason why unions exist.
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