Male bosses: The chosen ones?

Male bosses: The chosen ones?

Male bosses: The chosen ones? Can a preference be described as sexist if it’s expressed by both genders?

According to a survey, two thirds of employees prefer to have a male boss, while female bosses were labelled as being moody and unable to leave their personal lives at home, The Telegraph reported.

The survey was conducted by and showed that 63% of women and 75% of men believed that men made better bosses.

David Brown of told The Telegraph that according to the respondents, while women “might be more than capable of progressing to a management role, they lack some of the key skills required to be a good boss.”

According to the survey, respondents believed men made better bosses because they were more likely to be straight talkers, less likely to get involved in office politics, less likely to talk about others behind their backs, less likely to suffer from mood swings and were easier to reason with.
  • Justin B. 2014-08-25 12:28:58 PM
    Those are some interesting result. I guess the take away isn't that men are better bosses, but people who:
    -are upfront
    -don't get involved in office politics
    -don't gossip
    -emotionally stable at work
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