“Loosey-goosey” strategic planning is going to run organizations into the ground.”

“Loosey-goosey” strategic planning is going to run organizations into the ground.”

“Loosey-goosey” strategic planning is going to run organizations into the ground.” The way many organisations currently operate will not allow for sustained success in the future – at least that’s what one leading HR professional is insisting.

Facilitator and fellow at the Queen’s University IRC, Françoise Morissette says workplaces will have to adopt new tactics if they want to survive the impending shift into millennial leadership.

“Systems thinking and transformation will be the new primary competency moving forward in the future,” said Françoise.

In the past, companies were often structured according to expertise but, according to Françoise, an overly rigid adherence to this method has made organizations too isolated and pushed employees into turf-wars over territory.

“People were more concerned with making their department successful, rather than making the whole organization successful,” she explained.

But Françoise says all that will – or at least should – change.

“I believe that the way of the future is that organizations will be designed to produce certain outcomes, and the groups that are involved in producing these outcomes will have to work together and combine their expertise,” she said.

According to Françoise, future organizations will have to concentrate more on strategic planning or face failure.

“I think that the loosey-goosey strategic planning that we see now is going to run organizations into the ground,” she said. “They are going to have to be a lot more rigorous, a lot more strategic, and a lot more accountable in order to remain competitive.”

Françoise, who sits on the editorial advisory board for HR Professional and on the advisory board of Peak Performance international, will be exploring the ways in which leaders can better place their organizations for long-term success in the upcoming 2015 Workplace in Motion Summit in Toronto.

The summit, which takes place on April 16, will address some of the major obstacles facing HR professionals and discuss how organizations can overcome them.

To find out more about the summit, or to register, click here.

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