Lighter side: Welcome to the hamster race

Lighter side: Welcome to the hamster race

Lighter side: Welcome to the hamster race More and more offices are finding alternatives to the traditional desk as research shows sitting for long periods is unhealthy. From desks that adjust, to standing desks and even treadmills, we thought we’d seen it all.

Now a user of the instructions sharing site Instructables, Robb Godshaw, has posted pictures and instructions on how to build an impressing hamster-wheel standing desk.

Godshaw, who is the “Artist in Residence” at Autodesk's Pier 9, a fabrication facility in San Francisco, worked with his colleagues to create 80-inch diameter wheel with a 24-inch-wide base. The wheel moves thanks to four skateboard wheels underneath. A preexisting standing desk was fitted inside the wheel.

One thing the wheel is missing? Brakes. They were suggested, but Godshaw and his team decided to make users have to walk non-stop on the wheel.

If Godshaw and his team are taking requests we’d like to see a swimming desk next.
  • Penny Lehman 2014-09-19 12:54:32 PM
    I think this is a fabulous idea!! sitting all day at a desk is completely unhealthy
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  • Tom Perkes 2014-09-19 1:03:27 PM
    What a great idea! Sitting is the scourge of the modern world!
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