Lighter side: Outrageous employee behaviour

Lighter side: Outrageous employee behaviour

Lighter side: Outrageous employee behaviour Although most employees are honest and trustworthy, occasionally there will be one whose behaviour just blows your mind.

The site Reddit posted a call-out to bosses, asking them to share stories of the stupidest thing they’d ever had to fire someone for. The answers were astounding.

Here are some of our favourites:
  • “This guy always tried to hide at work to avoid working. One day I was looking for him and I stepped into the bathroom. I notice a shoe print on the back of the toilet, and I look up and one of the ceiling tiles is pushed a little to the side. I climb up there, and this f***** is hiding in the ceiling.”

  • “One of my maintenance guys tried to stab a guy over a bag of dirt. Company dirt. DIRT.”

  • “Manager at a delivery joint here, we had to let someone go because they decided to deliver pizzas in a stolen car.

  • “I was managing a restaurant and did morning cash out (I checked all slips against the information in the computer). I noticed a new hire had really good tip averages the day before when I had been paying her out. The next day I was going through her slips and noticed a discrepancy. Mainly that she had added a one in front of each tip and changed the total. How could I tell, you ask? SHE USED DIFFERENT COLOUR INK! She was fired and we refunded the money... seriously, at least use the same colour ink.”

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